Our Services

ABCx2 provides universal services that cross all markets to support clients throughout the project and program lifecycle. The aviation industry is undergoing a significant evolution. ABCx2 employs professionals that have been integral in shaping the current path of aviation over the last decade and more. Our people are a part of the fabric of the airline industry, serving clients with small needs to the world's largest airports both nationally and internationally. 

Through our experience working within the FAA's National Airspace System, and employing systematic approaches to creating and capturing proven, repeatable processes, methodologies, and tools, ABCx2 is able to deliver customized services and solutions in less time than would be required to develop them independently. Below are a few of our capabilities.

Airport Noise Mitigation

ABCx2 is an industry leader in advocating for communities with airports and the FAA concerning airport noise mitigation.  Utilizing the NowGEN® suite of services, we guide our clients through community engagement, industry engagement, and other noise abatement and mitigation activities designed to improve the quality of life for communities affected by airport noise.​

FAA Coordination & Representation
One of the most critical pieces of any implementation is effective coordination with the FAA. The best intentions, procedures, and methods can be written and pursued, but without proper coordination with the FAA, these processes stand a significant possibility of not being implemented. ABCx2 knows all appropriate FAA organizations and individuals with which to communicate to enable actual implementation of the projects in which we are involved. Many of our personnel have played integral roles in the development of FAA national policy over the past 20 years. 

Individual Element Design & Implementation
In some cases, a particular aviation system may only need one particular element such as flight procedure design, noise analysis, or Safety Risk Management. ABCx2 can implement these elements while providing all the necessary coordination with all necessary Stakeholders. Examples include:

  • Safety Risk Management
  • Enroute connectivity
  • Arrival & Departure Procedures
  • Terminal Flight Procedures
  • Obstacle Analysis
  • Community Outreach
  • Noise Modeling, Analysis and Mitigation
  • and many more

Total System Design & Implementation

Total System Design & Implementation is a process that involves all Stakeholders in creation of an aviation system from the Enroute Structure to the taxi plan at the destination airport. Such processes involve coordination, communication, and collaboration with:

  • FAA Headquarters
  • Local FAA representatives (Flight Standards District Offices - FSDOs)
  • FAA Environmental Offices
  • FAA Flight Standards
  • Local Air Traffic Control
  • Local Communities & Noise Organizations
  • and many more