Mission Statement

ABCx2 is a partnership with a unique combination of talent. Our knowledge, skills and abilities represent decades of Air Traffic Control and Research and Development experience uncommon in the aviation field.
Individually, and even more so collectively, ABCx2 brings an abundance of experience in airspace redesign, performance based navigation, traffic flow management, safety risk management, flight procedure development, airport obstacle analysis, noise mitigation, and program management with an outstanding record of success while maintaining fiscal and environmental responsibility.

As an example, one of our main disciplines is Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Airspace Redesign from a terminal and en route air traffic control, flight operations, and research and development perspective. As the FAA and airports around the world embrace satellite based flight, this discipline becomes particularly critical. Our Founding Partners, and those we employ, have performed this work around the world for companies such as Honeywell, Boeing, Jeppesen, and governments in Indonesia, Panama, and the United States.

Our resume is built from proven, successful implementations worldwide. Additional areas of knowledge and experience are: Terminal Procedures, Flight Validation, Terrain and Obstruction Evaluation, Safety Risk Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Air Traffic Control Systems and Equipment, and Aircraft Systems and Equipment.

In short, ABCx2 is capable of providing an end-to-end product from inception to implementation. We can design and implement a single PBN procedure or redesign an entire air traffic control system for a country. ABCx2 – We do it all! For more information, contact us at –