ABCx2 – A community focused company solving NEXTGEN airport noise issues – NOW!!

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About ABCx2, LLC

ABCx2 is an award-winning team with a unique combination of talent. The knowledge, skills and abilities ABCx2 offers represents decades of Air Traffic Control, Airspace and Flight Procedure Design, Airport Operations and Aircraft Noise Mitigation experience with a focus on serving communities, which is uncommon in the field.  As you will see in our company information and respective resumes (available at ABCx2 brings an abundance of experience in noise abatement and mitigation, airspace redesign, Performance Based Navigation, Terminal Procedures, Flight Validation, Terrain and Obstruction Evaluation, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Traffic Flow Management, Safety Risk Management, stakeholder engagement, community advocacy and program management.  All with an outstanding record of success while being fiscally responsible and environmentally conscious.

ABCx2 is a community-focused company capable of providing solutions to airport noise issues through community and industry engagement and providing end-to-end support from baseline analysis to strategy development to implementation and post-implementation monitoring.  We address airport noise issues by engaging with industry and communities to find compatible solutions that are meaningful, measurable, and sustainable.