Our Experience

John-Paul Clarke Sc.D. Resume 

Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, MIT  Graduate, and worldwide consultant to governments and local communities on many areas to include environmental factors.  

Beyond our Founding Partners, ABCx2 only hires the best where proven experience has been demonstrated with industry leadership.

ABCx2 personnel are a combination of the most experienced, tested, and knowledgeable experts in the industry whose talents provide solutions to all of your aviation needs

Our Experience includes:

  • Regulatory Guidance
  • Complete System Design
  • Airspace Development
  • Terminal Airport Services
  • Enroute Airspace Services
  • Flight Procedure Creation
  • FAA Interface
  • Airport Modeling
  • Noise Modeling
  • Environmental Programs

Founding Partners 

ABCx2 was formed by the four Founding Members whose collective experience covers 100 years of aviation.

We have served multiple governments, airports from local to the World's Busiest Airport and operators from single pilot to the World's Largest Airlines.

Our philosophy places clients needs as our number one priority while accomplishing the mission through a process that builds long term collaborative relationships.

Our Company

James "Jim" Allerdice Resume

United States Air Force, FAA Air Traffic Specialist (retired) with over 30 years experience, 9 years as ATL NextGen Specialist & recipient of DOT Secretary Award for Excellence

Our People


Tim Chambers Resume

FAA Enroute Air Traffic Controller for 31 years. Recipient of Special National Air Traffic Award for Outstanding Service.